I had therefore to remove knowledge, to make room for belief. - Immanuel Kant
Faith, Hope, and Love

Faith, Hope, and Love


As We Move to Tucson

There are distinct moments in life when you know God has been working behind the scenes but all you see is the curtain. Parts of the scene are revealed as we wait in anticipation, but never the big picture. Not right away at least. All we can do is stay in the theater of God’s masterpiece until he unveils our role in the play. Over the last year God has been working behind the scenes to transition my wife and […]

Back to the Future Sanctification

I love watching the old Back to the Future movies. It’s the brilliant concept that we can travel back in time to change our future is something all of us would like to do. Each and every one of us has a lingering mistake that we can point to and declare, “My life would be so different if I hadn’t done THAT!” Despite those mistakes, Jesus desires that we grow in our walk with him. To be sanctified. Is it possible […]

Forest Gump

The Pace of Forgiveness

I had to laugh this morning as I read John 21. Jesus calls out from the shoreline to the disciples who were struggling with their morning catch. Peter recognizes that it is Jesus and pulls his best Forest Gump impersonation. He jumps right off the boat and leaves the rest of the disciples to gather in the fish and row to shore. What would make him chase after Jesus so passionately that he would leave everything behind so quickly? 

lion and lamb

Lion AND Lamb

If you were to ask someone to describe you as a lion or a lamb, most men would choose lion. There is something especially masculine and powerful about the lion. I love the soul of the lion – the reputation – that he can be declared


Dangerous Ambition

“We are, of course, creatures who if left to ourselves, would promote ourselves without any reference to God or preference for Him. It is easy for us to jump head first and head strong into what we perceive to be important activity for Him without taking time with Him. Our silent and disguised rebellion articulates with decisions and actions a life that would seemingly repel us from the still small voice desiring to dictate his will.” – Dad This morning dad […]