I had therefore to remove knowledge, to make room for belief. - Immanuel Kant
Faith, Hope, and Love

Faith, Hope, and Love

Improper Judgment

There may be some profound truth on the ink stained stomach of the street grown poet who believes that “Only God Can Judge Me.” But he would be wrong. People can will judge you quite freely. Today’s culture often attempts to make a movie out of a moment; a feature film from a snapshot. The evolution of the theatrical and the propulsion of instant information has caused many to create plot without the script. We judge motives even when actions speak otherwise. It’s not that we intend […]

Sleepless Night of Racism and Bigotry

There are very few times in my life when I found myself so frustrated that I could not sleep. But tonight, tonight I’ve tossed about in my bed like a rowboat in the middle of the Atlantic. Frustration has a way of doing that to a man. It assaults the mind and emotions and it will not relent until some form of release is given it. I find myself frustrated because I’m desperately trying to be like Jesus in a world that shamelessly renounces Him. The narrative […]

Wishing for the Monochromatic

I wish I was able to live a vivid life in an era of monochromatic values and vision. I wish that an expressive life didn’t have to be an intimidating one. I wish my black brothers and sisters of whom I may not be biologically related but of whom I am spiritually interwoven did not have to waste mental and emotional energy misusing their imagination with worry. I wish I did not have to offer an apology for an entire race on […]

Unreasonable Mercy

What a joy it would be to echo with confidence that receiving mercy is natural and giving it just as intuitive.But mercy has an inherent problem. Unfamiliarity. We find mercy most accessible and most freely given when it is cradled in familiarity. We don’t have to try very hard to exhibit grace and mercy for those who are experiencing in the present what we have experienced in the past. We feel their pain, we know their hurt, and we groan […]

Keep it The Same Transition

I was reading an article this morning about the new Instagram logo. The response was overwhelmingly predictable. “Keep it the same!” “Why did it have to change? It was great just the way it was!” “Change it back!” “There was nothing wrong with the design!” The apparent outrage of the tech community was not in response to a moral shift in society. It was not because of blatant misuse of proprietary information or gross copyright infringement. No. The emotional eruption was […]