I had therefore to remove knowledge, to make room for belief. - Immanuel Kant
Faith, Hope, and Love

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Bad Bananas and Dysfunctional Love

Semantics can be an appropriate pain. The first question you may ask is, “What constitutes as dysfunctional?” For dysfunction to exist we must have a sound understanding of what is functional, what is right, what is how it should be. If we know how a thing ought to be, we are alert when a thing is not what it ought to be. For instance, I have a banana on my kitchen counter at home that is starting to go bad. How do […]

When is Murder Rational?

First off let me set my world view in the proper context. I am a follower of Jesus Christ and everything I see is filtered through scripture for correctness and adherence to His word. I don’t view myself as “right wing conservative” or “left wing liberal”. I don’t view myself as a democrat or a republican. I have no desire to fight for a political party or to picket against those who do not share my views as I possess […]

Short Lived Perspective

Many think a change in perspective is a good thing. I would tend to agree. But I also have a problem with perspective in that for most it is very short lived. Take the Boston Marathon tragedy from this weekend, or any tragedy for that matter. The typical response when encountering such violent and cowardly acts is to respond in a manner that fits the act. In this instance we all responded appropriately with anger, frustration, sadness, and a sickness […]

And Now That You’ve Bought Chicken…

Maybe I’m out of touch. Maybe I’m simply not connected to the evangelical movement as I should be. Sometimes, based on various stances, I wonder if I could even be considered a Christian. Maybe I’m just part of the few who feel deep down that buying a lot of chicken does not equal a great victory for Christianity. Can you just stick with me for a minute on this one? I understand the First Amendment and I love the ability […]

Question of the Week: 10/18/09

Here it is, back by popular demand! The question for this week is:  In light of post-modernism (i.e. there are no absolutes – truth is relative) does one consider love an absolute truth or a subjective opinion? Is love an absolute truth? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Tim