About Me

Tim Twigg is currently serving as the Executive Associate Pastor at Christ Chapel Mountaintop.  Mountaintop is a church of many nations and many locations, dedicated to seeing life transformation while introducing people to Jesus Christ. He is also the Director of Pneuma Ministry College, a school that trains students for ministry both practically and academically.

Tim received his B.A. in Psychology at Southeastern University (Lakeland, FL) and received his M.A. in Practical Theology in from Regent University (Virginia Beach, VA) and his M.Div at Liberty University (Lynchburg, VA).

He has taught Hermeneutics, Developing Outreach and Discipleship Programs, and Traditions of Spirituality at Valley Forge Christian College: Woodbridge Campus and has taught Introduction Pastoral Ministry, College Success, Hebrews and the General Epistles, and Introduction to World Religions at SUM Bible College and Theological Seminary.

He and and his wife, Yalexa, currently live in Manassas, VA

Tim is currently working on two books titled, “An Upside Down Kingdom” and “Finding Your Own Jesus”.