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As We Move to Tucson

There are distinct moments in life when you know God has been working behind the scenes but all you see is the curtain. Parts of the scene are revealed as we wait in anticipation, but never the big picture. Not right away at least. All we can do is stay in the theater of God’s masterpiece until he unveils our role in the play.

Over the last year God has been working behind the scenes to transition my wife and I from our family at Christ Chapel Mountaintop. We didn’t know where or when but we felt the pie loosening from the edge of the pan to signify its finished work (kudos to Dr. Rhoden for the analogy).

November 1st will be our last Sunday at Mountaintop and on November 2nd my wife and I will be loading up and moving to Tucson, Arizona to join the incredible people at Victory Worship Center. I would love to go into detail and explain the constant and clear guidance of the Holy Spirit in this process. Maybe another time.

We will miss our friends, family, pastors, staff, leadership, and the people of Christ Chapel Mountaintop. We love them dearly, but we could not ignore the obvious transition the Lord had prepared for us. Please pray for us as we move into another assignment, excited for all the Lord has prepared for us to do. We love you all!

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