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Becoming You

Don’t ever apologize for being you. Don’t blend in.  Stand out like the stars against the night sky.

Never let your identity be defined by your humanity.

Who we are is not encompassed in what we do.  Because we sin it doesn’t mean we are imperfect.  The soul is perfect.  It is exactly what God created it to be.  The body is imperfect.  It is not what God created it to be.  The line between perfection and imperfection seems so large – the gap so wide – the difference so great.

Why are we striving for perfection if we’ll never reach it?  

We strive for perfection because it is the form God created us to exist in – the form of perfection.  The Garden was perfect… man’s soul was perfect… woman’s soul was perfect… the body was imperfect… the body is what makes us human and humanity is imperfect.  But we are not to be defined by our humanity.  No, our identity should never defined by our humanity.  Our identity should never be defined by the imperfection within and around us.  Our identity should be found in our spirituality – our connection to a spiritual being – our connection to God – our connection to God through Jesus Christ.

Our identity should not be defined by our humanity but by God’s love for humanity.  That love that would take perfection and place Him in an imperfect world.  That perfection would encounter the imperfection of humanity – but it would not define him.  No, He would not be defined by his humanity. He was defined by something so much deeper.

He was defined by a relationship.  Not just any relationship.  THE relationship.  The only relationship that could take on imperfection and make it perfect.  The only relationship that was not born from humanity but loved humanity just the same.  That same relationship is where we should find OUR identity.  Not an identity of perfection but imperfection that will one day be made perfect.  Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon.

Becoming YOU isn’t about imperfection or perfection – it’s about the relationship you have with imperfection or perfection.  How will you be defined?  Where will you find your identity?

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