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Mainstay: Passing like a shadow never letting anyone see. Maybe I’m biased but I don’t think you know the first thing about me. But no man is an island. ___________________

It appears that the essence of the human soul was never meant to be completely understood by humans. It’s a vexing and bewildering mind puzzle that sometimes seems so close to normal but so close to insanity.

We are the “ocean blue” that Columbus sailed. Our souls are uncharted territories filled with adventure, capsized vessels, and new discoveries. The frustration that comes with understanding others first starts with the empty answers we get when we try to understand ourselves. Why are we bent in ways that others aren’t? Is there something wrong with us? Me? You?

Yes. There is something wrong with us, me, and you. We are the culmination of thousands of years of generational influence of which every generation before us was equally as decayed, polluted, and sour. The day we understand our deficiencies is often the day when we sink back into our self-made emotional caves and decide to spend our days in seclusion away from all interaction.

We, in reality, may not “know the first thing” about those that surround us… but we do know they are routinely equally as confused as we are. No man is an island. No person is alone in their suffering, doubt, or emotional turmoil.

“So lay down your robe, leper or rogue, and keep yourself open here”

It should be our goal to become knowable (as much as we can be knowable) and strive to know others (as much as they’ll let themselves be known). We may not ever fully understand, but we can stand in agreement under the umbrella of common need and seek the relationships that will make us better in the future than we are now.

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