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Christ’s Momentum

Day 2 of the Lead Now conference was even better than the first. I was able to be in lunch sessions with Francis Chan and Erwin McManus, and also heard Matt Chandler speak.

Francis Chan made some very poignant statements that really got me thinking. Here is one that certainly hit me hard.

“We create churches where it doesn’t matter if the Holy Spirit shows up – people will still come.”

He went on to explain that many pastors and christians are practical atheists. We create services and environments that don’t rely on the power of the Holy Spirit. We believe that God can do all things but we don’t challenge or invite Him to do anything in our services. A lot of it is fear driven – “What if He doesn’t show up? We’ve got to be prepared if He doesn’t…”

Francis called it theological integrity.

He then went on to speak of the will of God for our lives. He essentially asked, “Do we really want to know the will of God if it means leaving all of the things we love?” That was a powerful statement. In other words, does the will of God scare us? If we have to leave comfortable to attain the will of God, will we do it? Or will we just ignore it or better yet, not seek God’s will at all.

His last statement that really got me thinking was, “Sacrifice promotes believability.”

And so for me I had to ask several questions concerning Momentum – our young adult focused ministry.

a.) Do we live to get the message of Jesus out? b.) Is Momentum creating systems that support the movement of the Holy Spirit? c.) Do our young adults live lives that declare, “It doesn’t matter where we meet, I just want Jesus.” d.) If not – why? How do <em><strong>I have to change to lead them to this?

Needless to say I have been spending time in prayer and deep thought as to the direction of Momentum for next year. Where does the Holy Spirit want us to go? This has been on my mind long before I arrived here in Texas for this conference. What does the Holy Spirit want to speak to the Northern Virginia area? How does He want to use us? What level of commitment is He calling us to? What do we have to sacrifice to see God’s Spirit move upon the people of our community? What will it take for the fire of God to be birthed within our hearts and souls that will transform not only those around us, but the very passions that steer the purpose of our lives?

I have a feeling the commitment that Christ is calling our Young Adults to will not be widely accepted. I have a feeling that in turn, I will not be very accepted. And that’s ok – Jesus proclaimed in John 15:18 – “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.”

The reality is that the wheat, out of necessity, must be separated from the tares. Will people leave? Probably. Will people speak badly about some of us? Of course. And we will rejoice just the same for those that form a relationship with Jesus Christ!

Let’s run. Let’s pursue. Let’s Chase. Let’s take hold of the momentum Christ has given us and propel the message of Christ to this world.

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