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The burden a leader carries is also the blessing the leader gives.


Not just love… TRUE love.

True love cannot be seen through the walls we build.  It can only be observed when there are no more pieces of armor protecting our vital organs; when there are no more bricks or mortar to prevent entry; when there are no more masks or disguises to confuse the seeking.

In other words, true love requires accessibility.  It is no haphazard item that accessibility brings forth an immeasurable level of blessing and often an equal amount of discomfort.  After all, allowing oneself to embrace this accessible nature also imperils us.  Emotional and spiritual jeopardy repels us from accessibility and in doing so ends our commitment to love truly… and fully.

Love may still exist, but love expressed behind the armor, wall, and mask will never… ever… be true love.  Lead long enough and you’ll be tempted by these items of deflection.  I know I have.  I know you may.  It’s easier to care from a distance than love up close.

It’s the scars, isn’t it?  These are the reasons we cower behind our deflective devices.  They are the constant reminders of the times we truly loved and were left without defense.  “We’ll never let that happen again.” we emphatically insist.  We fail to understand that it was never our responsibility to decide the outcome of true love.

Maybe this is what makes Jesus’ experience so special.  He knew the outcome of true love, and while the process was painful, the product was more beautiful than words could explain.  Even though not everyone appreciates the outcome… the true love made Him who knew no wrong accessible.  Our accessibility gives those who know wrong the chance to experience true love.

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