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Somehow the realization that God is more than our imagination can be pleasantly overwhelming. I was listening to Mark Batterson’s podcast one night on the way home from work and he quoted a unique statistic. He stated that a child, around 4 or 5 years old, asks 125 probing questions every day. Then he stated that a full grown adult asks only 5 or 6.

Somewhere in the life journey between childish curiosity and adult philosophical enlightenment we have lost the enthralling satisfaction of purging the limitless walls of discovery for the complacency of a stagnant life. I’m as guilty as every other well-meaning adult. God has created a world that bleeds information, knowledge, and experience and to sit on the couch day after day droning out to a meaningless, experience-less, memory-less life is far less appealing than riding the wave of a fulfilled life.

When does the driving need for answers become a contentment for ignorance? And how do we get there? And why don’t we realize we’re drifting in that direction? And would we even care if we DID realize it?

So in light of the transition from 4 year old inquisitiveness to 29 year old stupidity I challenge myself to ask even MORE questions and discover MORE of God, hoping my brain never loses it’s spiritual, emotional, or mental elasticity.

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