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Feigning Passion

Do you ever feel like you lose your passion to be passionate? Do you ever feel like even though your mind desires to be motivated to action, your body and soul scream for moments of seclusion, silence, and solitude?

What is it that stifles the human spirit? What terrible misadventure forces us to cease the pursuit of our purpose for existence? What atrocious action derails our chance for greatness?

In one word lies the source of sustained passion. A single word embodies the method of physical and spiritual rejuvenation. Only one verse is needed to understand how motivations can continue to motivate, how spoken words can be spoken with conviction, and how the power to change can be fueled.

Exodus 20:8 states, “Remember the Sabbath by keeping it holy.”

Something that is holy is dedicated to the service of God – presented to the sacred creator of the universe – honored with fear and reverence. God knew humanity would be prone to exhaustion and in the method of doing God’s work we would find no light burden, no easy yolk, and most of all no rest for our weariness.

Our success can be fueled or failed depending on our willingness to be obedient to Jesus. Rest, often so easily overlooked, can become our the greatest aid to the greatest moments of our lives. It’s not our passion that feigns – it’s our obedience. The Sabbath (rest) is holy in the sight of God and no minister possesses the right to cheapen it’s value or it’s Godly application. If left unchecked our Godly inheritance will succumb to an earthly collapse.

So stop reading this and get some sleep!!!!

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