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Four Faces of a Leader: The Servant

I really enjoyed reading chapter 7 which is titled, “You Might Be a Servant If…” There are eight powerful statements and all of them are immensely applicable. Of course, I could list them all, but then why would you read the book? The two that stood out to me, at least in this season, are:

7. Your Actions Don’t Require a Rear View Mirror

Learning to cope with disappointment and hurt inflicted by those who serve with us is simply part of Leadership 101. (Page 89)

8. You Understand When a Towel Has More Power than a Rod

The ministry of the towel is not suggesting there is no place for discipline or the exercise of strength by calling people to accountability. But God cares about whether we know when to use a towel rather than a rod to help fulfill our mission as leader.

On page 72, Rhoden comments that, “you can easily forget that power is not about having but in giving.” What a powerful statement. People who climb to power gauge their success by what they’ve acquired whether its material gain, status, or significance. In my case, I like learning and I’m very proud of the degrees in my office. But what am I giving away? How am I helping the next generation to learn? Am I emptying myself of the knowledge I acquire? These are the questions that were born out of this chapter. How am I serving others?

If you’re naturally a servant this will chapter will challenge you to push on and continue to serve. If you’re not naturally a servant, this chapter will add value to this leadership face.

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