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Hide and Seek

We all remember the game.  We’ve all played it with immeasurable satisfaction.  There’s something about ‘finding’ the seemingly invisible person.  The difference between the game and real life is that in real life we don’t enjoy the hunt.  We don’t like having to “seek” out God.  We’d rather Him just be at our beckon call like a divine butler.

The question that often arises is, “why must we seek?”  It’s a good question.  Let’s think about the power of seeking.  Seeking means we care enough to move to action.  Seeking means we are desperate enough to pursue.  Seeking means that we are expecting the value of “finding” to be worth whatever had to experience to get there.  Seeking means that the end WILL be worth the motion of beginning.

So God wants us to seek.  Matthew 7:7 directs us to seek.  If we felt we had all the answers, we would not seek.  If we felt we knew the best way to be, act, and speak, we would not seek.  If we felt that we were enough and no others were needed, we would not seek.  If we felt we had more knowledge than God himself, we would not seek.

Seeking is intentional.  Seeking doesn’t happen by accident.

My friend Greg says that it’s not so much a game of hide and seek.  It’s a game of tag.  God sought us we sent Jesus.  The first step towards our freedom was experienced in that moment.  Now it’s our turn.

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