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I wonder

I wonder if God looks at what we have made of His promise and weeps. I wonder if Jesus is upset that what he died to accomplish through the freedom of love has been compromised in relativism.

I wonder why so many people make excuses for Christ… like He needs us to defend Him. I wonder why we can’t proclaim BOLDLY that we are followers of Christ.

I wonder how many people disagree with me. I wonder how many people will read this blog and discount it as cynical bitterness instead of sincere brokeness. I wonder if the Christian church realizes that the reason their services are low in attendance has nothing to do with summer vacations, weather, holidays or work.

I wonder why so many church leaders seek to mask and excuse their lack of cultural, relational, and spiritual relevance under the statement that they aren’t ‘watering down the gospel”. I wonder if they realize that they’re actually scared at the possibility that God can exist outside of their self-imposed paradigm. I wonder….

I wonder why God seeks me. I wonder why Jesus never lets go of me. I wonder how I could ever deserve His unconditional affection…. and then I stop wondering because my wondering always leads to one thing… the realization that life is not for me to wonder about, but for me to stand in wonder of.

So now I sit here content in the freedom that God never stops desiring to give and I’m happy to not have to wonder why He chooses to give it – and I’m at peace.

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