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Instinct/ Intuition

In Job 38:36 God asks Job a rhetorical question of monumental spiritual significance. He asks, “Who gives intuition to the heart and instinct to the mind?” NLT.

We live in a world of eclectic personal convictions where what is right or wrong is no longer black or white or gray, but black AND white AND gray. Truth is lost in convenience – if there can even be perceived a concept of truth. In this post mosaic generation truth exists only when it beneficial to our circumstances. If it contradicts what is convenient or easy we no longer view it as truth but as “personal conviction”.

This philosophy can be understood when spoken by someone who does not follow Christ, but such a philosophy does Jesus an immeasurable injustice to those who have accepted Him into their hearts. To know Jesus is to know Truth and this knowledge is not subjective. We cannot change Jesus into who we want Him to be because our natural bent would be to change Jesus into a Jesus of convenience. We strive to fit Him into our lives because it’s too inconvenient to fit into His.

And in the middle of this moral dilemma God speaks to us – He gives intuition to our heart and instinct to our minds. The liar doesn’t have to read the bible to know that lying is wrong. The thief doesn’t have to experience an exegetical sermon to know that they shouldn’t steal. God has given us intuition. He has given us the ability to directly perceive what is right and wrong. So often our choices are veiled behind the misguided concept of freedom. We feel freedom is the right to make any choice. Erwin McManus said it the best…

“What brings you freedom is not the freedom to choose. It’s the choices you make in freedom that determine if you’ll be free.”

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