Passion into Progress

It’s not that we don’t desire to be successful. We all do. We desire success, we desire greatness, we desire progress. And it all starts off so wonderfully as we begin snatching good fortune from the grip of this evasive rogue called life. Our imaginations burst out of complacency as we dream of a future for ourselves that extends far beyond the prosaic to prodigiousness. Out of the dream emerges our fuel called passion and we often return to this emotional pump to refill when our imagination begins to wane.

But when the dream begins to fade and our grip on life loosens and the passion we’ve once so embraced becomes less than passionate, what will our response be? If it is the passion that fuels progress what makes a passionless person progressive? Is it even possible to attain a reasonable level of greatness if there is not fuel to propel it forward?

And what of someone who has passion but desires not progress? Is that me? Is that you? More importantly, is that Christ? Does Christ project a passionate heart into complacency? Do we choose to control the momentum of our souls so as to pull on the reigns of passion, less it move into progress?

It’s not our desire for success that fails us. It’s our refusal to let the passion God has placed inside us – the passion that desires to be identified with Christ – the passion that yearns to be recognized, not by others but by our Creator – the passion that tugs at us and whispers that there is SO…MUCH…MORE… out there for us.

If we would only let the passion…. guide…. us…. to…. Him. Then progress would look so much less like our dreams and so much more like His reality.

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