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Proper Position

There is a level of certainty in the position we hold over others, whether that be socioeconomic, financial, experiential, or career. In that position, we tend to deliberately forget the struggles of our youth, the sacrifice of our parents/grandparents, and the fragility of it all. We invest a great deal in these positions and will strive to keep them no matter the cost. Sometimes the position is not one of influence but one of decision. You may take a "position" on a variety of social conflicts, whether that be the pesky HOA which seemingly has nothing better to do than nitpick about the height of your grass, or the overreach of the government in technology. In this, we will use our position to enforce our position. Nobody likes the person who enforces their position over their position's actual value.

Over time the positions we take become more important than the people we serve. We lose sight of the individual as our judgment becomes clouded by the masses, the loud voices, and the never-ending stream of curated media intent on swaying us to their position, forsaking all moral, spiritual, and logical sense to get there.

Love is then reserved for those who adhere to our position and withheld from those who would dare think differently. We often feel like we hold a higher position with a more complete understanding of absolute truth. Why can't people just do what we tell them to do?

I wonder if Jesus feels the same about us. I wonder if He, who certainly holds the highest position, wrestles with the fact that we are unable to align with His absolute truth, which is, in fact, quite absolute. Jesus cared so little of position. When you were around Jesus, the poor dined with the rich, the rejected conversed with the accepted, and the rulers served the servants.

Have you focused too much on your personal stance, brand, and preferences and not enough on the lowly position the Lord calls you to? Have your personal convictions taken precedence over those flowing from the heart of the Father? Are you more concerned about winning the argument than winning the lost?

Your position (stance) matters only in that it aligns with God's Word, and your position (status) matters only when it's used to serve others. Don't be the Christian version of an HOA.

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If we remember that we don't know everything and that everything is exposed by the Word (Hebrews 4:10-13), this should be an affirmation. I would be tailoring, or needlessly adding to except by quoting 1 Corinthians 13:8-13.

Me gusta
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