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Rebellion from Freedom

Of course it’s a struggle.  It’s a constant struggle.  It’s a never-ending struggle.  We are built to be over-comers however we seem to relent more than conquer.  Does it ever feel like God’s freedom is more of a curse than a blessing because we lack the control to operate perfectly within it?

I was reading Hebrews 3 today and the writer of the book asked an eye opening question… vs.16, “Who were they who heard and rebelled?  Were they not all those Moses led out of Egypt?”

Sometimes it’s not only freedom apart from Christ, but freedom in general, that haunts us.  It’s a dysfunctional union of imperfection and glorious right and we can’t seem to figure it out.  But it’s not freedom that causes the separation from God.  It’s unbelief.  I know – it seems subjective to say someone doesn’t ‘believe’.  It’s not our place to make such a claim.  We can, however, see the effects of unbelief.  Primarily – rebellion.  It’s not freedom that causes rebellion.  It’s unbelief.

I know there are areas where unbelief looms over me like an fruit fly.  No matter how many times I swing at it, it always comes back.  And the closer we get to God the more we’re confronted with ways to rebel… because closeness with God continually encourages unconditional belief.

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