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Staying Compassionate

We are blessed to have Pastor Rob speak each Monday at Pneuma Ministry College’s Chapel. He usually comes with some good quotable insights about life and ministry. Today he provided three valuable C’s of leadership, Stay Compassionate, Stay Confident, and Stay Committed.

Now, I had always thought myself compassionate, but if I had to choose one of these 3 C’s that could use the most work, it would have to be compassion. I think I’m patient and compassionate but my patience and compassion lives awfully close to the cliff of frustration and irritability. I’d like to think that when I was younger my temper was more long-suffering, but I know I would be wrong.

I think one of my greatest strengths is my love of seeing people succeed. If someone I know and have invested my life in does something of significance, or succeeds in God’s calling for them, I jump for joy. Not literally, although that would be a site. Is it possible for frustration to be birthed in the purest desires of compassion? I think so. Ephesians 4:26 instructs us that in our anger, which may be righteous, not to turn it into unrighteousness, sin. Even in the purest of INTENTIONS lies the ability for sin to be born. It’s a scary thought.

Anger that would desire the best in someone can also lead to bitterness when they don’t see it, or live up to their potential.   Bitterness can be birthed from compassion. So can self-loathing, or even pride. The next thing we know our best most promising desires can lead to division.

Stay compassionate.

When they talk poorly about you, stay compassionate. When they hurt you with words or with looks or with hurtful thoughts, stay compassionate. When they react to your kindness with an ungrateful spirit and the misguided feelings of entitlement rise up within you, stay compassionate. God has always exalted the humble and will not cease to do so. If you’re going to err, do so on the side of compassion.

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