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Subtle Safety

There are so many beautifully applicable metaphors that line the pages of this noted best seller. 

I’m particularly drawn to the story about the raging sea because it’s a situation, although not always literal, that we can all relate to.

Very few of us can say we’ve been caught in a torrential vehement storm on the ocean, grasping to the sails for our lives. But many of us can, however, accurately recall the frightening moments when we felt that no matter how hard we tried we could not seem to get a grip on our lives. With every effort to tighten our grip in an attempt to hold onto some fragment of a familiar part of ourselves, safety just kept slipping through every crack between our fingers.

And then with one single sentence He calmed everything. Sure, we could ask why He let the storm last so long before He stepped in, but few of us would. The relief from the pelting rains would free us from any need for an explanation.

My mind is always racing – my soul is always longing for more of Him – my spirit is always reaching out to care for the needs and hurts of others – my body is constantly desiring to move – and in the midst of the bedlam He calms me. When I’m with Him I’m calm. He doesn’t have to shout… He doesn’t have to intrude… He just has to speak a single sentence and I’m ok……. and I’m ready for the next challenge.

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