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Terribly Wonderful

I'm staring blankly at my computer screen right now, wanting to write, but wanting to sleep.  This will be a blog in the purest form, not revealing any sort of supernatural insight but insight nonetheless.  We'll just call this talking time. 

The last couple of weeks our church has been on 40 day fast and it has been wonderful in so many ways.  I've prayed that God would challenge me… He has.  I have prayed that He would grant me vision.  He has.  I've prayed that He would give me some clarity in various situations… well… He's still taking His time on that one.

This is such an anomalous moment in my life, full of intrigue and challenge, yet fulfillment and grace.  It's always terribly wonderful to overcome an obstacle only to see several others emerge in its place.  Terribly wonderful.  It's these moments of momentary distraction that would cause so many to falter and wither away, grasping contentment in mediocrity.  But that's not our purpose and it's not our cause.  We will not join this ambition-less venture.

To see the cause of Christ extend beyond the stretch of our cynicism to bring restoration to the irreparable and triumph to the unavailing forges a connection with us to the biblical heroes of the past.  Our eyes are staring down the giant, our mind is racing as the Red Sea parts, and our hands are trembling in eager anticipation of the anointing about to be poured upon us.

It's all so elusively beautiful yet so impossibly close and we can smell it's serenity.

While the desires of the heart rage on and the battle of the old vs. new man seeks from us the vitality of life, we find ourselves relying on an unbending grit that has been fashioned from the fires of purification.  We are the silver.  We are the gold. We are the refined.

So we press on with the yoke tied ever so tightly to our necks, pressing down with every methodical step, but we are not overtaken.  We can't slow down, but to hear God's voice, and we can't remain silent, but to proclaim His Word.  Our watch will not be one to turn a settled eye towards the oppressed.

And so my prayer remains simple and my petition brief.  God grant me the ears to hear your voice and the courage to obey your commands.  Amen.  

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