The Warrior is a Child

One of my favorite songs when I was a youth pastor was The Warrior is a Child by Twila Paris. I would play it on the piano during my treasured quiet time with God.  I remember it like it was yesterday – walking into the dark sanctuary lit only by the stage lights.  I would spend hours there on my face in prayer. It was a special place of peace – those places exist in our lives and we build altars there to remember them.  We can never return there, except in our memories, but somehow we still feel them as if they just happened.

I guess in light of our relationship with God we will always be the child, no matter how much we attempt to cling to warrior within.  It wasn’t faith of a warrior that Jesus asked for.  There has to be a child in the soul of each warrior – a child that runs to God when we slip up.  A child that is willing to sprint back to Him regardless of what we’re wearing, where we’ve been, what we’ve seen, what we’ve spoken, or who we’ve become.

We relate to people most often from our warrior side.  I know I do.  It’s not that I want to, it’s just a natural reaction from 31 years of ministry experiences.  I pray against it because it’s more important that my armor is ONLY the armor of God, not the armor of Tim.  It’s easy to cling to the warrior, viewing the child as weak and ineffective.  But oddly enough in God’s upside down kingdom, which I should write a book on =), the child is what is required to conquer the nations.

The irony is that the Warrior and the Child must co-exist.  One without the other accomplishes little.  They balance each other.  Too much Child and nothing gets conquered, although great intentions exist.  Too much Warrior and the fighting overcomes obedience, we conquer but we don’t think about the ramifications.  The Child keeps the Warrior focused on what’s right, the Warrior keeps the child from shrinking away to inactivity.  It’s an important fact to know, because sometimes we have to drop our swords and allow God to minister to the child within.

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