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Wishing for the Monochromatic

I wish I was able to live a vivid life in an era of monochromatic values and vision. I wish that an expressive life didn’t have to be an intimidating one. I wish my black brothers and sisters of whom I may not be biologically related but of whom I am spiritually interwoven did not have to waste mental and emotional energy misusing their imagination with worry. I wish I did not have to offer an apology for an entire race on behalf of the irrational and erratic few.

I wish I was able to thrive in a monochromatic community with monochromatic relationships. I wish every color was the color of Jesus’ blood on the Cross. I wish the variances of skin tones did not have to represent division but simply a divergence of the same color across a different wavelength.

To wish is to long for something not easily attainable and may very well be improbable. It’s not because rationality would not command it. We argue the effects of culture on a person. We argue the effects of the single parent home or the effects of abuse on a child’s development. We argue the relationally destructive yet scientifically proven aftermath of pornography. It makes perfect sense in the most distressing of ways that humanity would argue the value of a life. After all, we abort…no… we KILL approximately 125,000 children PER DAY globally.

Laws and systems don’t eliminate hatred. They just restrict it’s use. Hatred is not a race issue, it’s a sin issue. Racism leverages the difference of skin tone, adds a splash of indifference, a pinch of fear, and a heaping spoonful of misinterpreted, misconstrued, and misrepresented fallacies and smears the concoction in the face of God’s creation.

I wish my monochromatic wishes would become realities within the church. I wish that such racial injustices being experienced today would ignite a global Christian Ephesians 4 voice. I wish the anger birthed in racial injustice would transfer to an even greater animosity toward unrighteousness. Racism is a deeply rooted generational sin and only the blood of Christ will truly wash away it’s destructive aberrance.

Until my wish is fulfilled I will mourn for the families, lament for the children, and fight for their need to find Christ in the middle. And perhaps emerging from the debris will be a new generation who would only know monochromatic vision, vision that sees humanity as one color, just like Jesus.

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