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Tim is a father and husband who makes time to be a pastor and author. He is passionate about helping people discover their God-given purpose and loves nothing more than helping others succeed. He currently serves as the Discipleship Pastor at Faith Church and is the Founder and CEO of Arrow Press Publishing

Tim received his B.A. in Psychology at Southeastern University (Lakeland, FL), his M.A. in Practical Theology from Regent University (Virginia Beach, VA), and his M.Div at Liberty University (Lynchburg, VA).

He lives in the Charleston, South Carolina area with his wife, Yalexa and their two children, Abygail and Zayden.

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The world is exhausted, but that was never God's plan. He intended us to chase Him, but instead, we've chosen to chase after every carnal thing, much like a greyhound chasing a mechanical lure. The dogs aren't chasing after something real or something that would satisfy them if it caught, but they are chasing with all of their might nonetheless.

Chasing Rabbits will open your eyes to God's grace found in the rhythm of the Sabbath. God desires that we emphasize intimacy, not accumulation; time, not stuff. If you're tired, frustrated, and failing, perhaps you are chasing after something that's not real. God created for six days, and He rested for one. He is asking you to do the same because you were never meant to toil endlessly in an impermanent world, and neither was your mind and spirit. It's time to reclaim God's plan for rest and the beauty of the Sabbath.

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